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Our goal is to optimize each student's potential by empowering all stakeholders with the technology to personalize learning.

Empower Core Values

The values that define our organization which we aspire to uphold in all we do...

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Personalized Learning Challenges

The paradigm shift of making a student's individual learning-needs the primary consideration in important instructional decisions promises great opportunity for college and career readiness; however, educator convenience becomes secondary resulting in vast logistical challenges. We have crafted Empower to realize the potential this shift promises for students as well as to solve the challenges educators face in the delivery. Here is what we found in our 15 year partnership with educators...


Failure is no longer an option!

All children are held accountable to a high standard of learning that makes time the variable and learning the constant.

Rigor is increased shifting outcome expectations from recall to real world application of knowledge and complex reasoning.

Highest reliability education

#1 Research based highly effective educational system. (Marzano)

Opportunity to learn

Meet kids at their unique point of need while allowing them the time to achieve proficiency.

Empowered Students

Students are empowered with a voice to advocate for what they need to be successful with unlimited access to information.

College   Career Ready

Non Academic competencies that enhance how we think, organize and interact in the real world.


No clear road-map for teachers

Educators are asked to change to an unfamiliar paradigm that requires a shift from one size fits all instructional design/delivery.

Complicates instruction increasing the burden of deeper instructional design, time to deliver   assessment to validate learning.

2nd order change

Requires deep systemic change that challenges even the most effective organizations and leadership teams.

Insufficient data

Traditional reporting does not give us the data points to accurately diagnose student need.

Teacher Prep Time

Multiple lesson plans needed on a daily basis, greatly increasing the amount of teacher preparation which impedes sustainability.

Mass customization needed

Student need is compounded to both depth and breadth of learning, greatly complicating differentiation.

Increased scoring time

In order to produce the required diagnostic information, more data points are needed, increasing scoring demands.

How is my child doing?

grade is no longer the primary indicator of success.

Anytime/anywhere learning

…expectation that learning is no longer confined to the school day or the four walls of the classroom.

From 'sit n' git' to 'get after it!'

Requires a transparent system of learning that allows the student to be an informed consumer and independent, self directed learner.

More competencies

Increasing the essential competencies beyond core content.

Instructional capacity incorporate non academic competencies. (Best Practice)

Digital immigrants

...are the primary make-up of educators, challenged with the world in which our students collaborate, communicate, create and think critically today.


Systematic processes

Starting with what educators already know within a traditional model, Empower transforms learning into a personalized competency system.

Embedded Taxonomy

Rigor is embedded in the design of instruction and scoring of all competencies.

A framework of "best practice"

Processes that are systematically implemented and monitorable across the organization.

State of the art PD

...that uses the model to teach the model. Adult learning is guaranteed, transparent, monitorable and available anytime or

Granular Monitoring

Recording   reporting at the level needed to generate data points.

Resource Repository

Leverage a full array of District learning resources & assessment items that can be co-created, curated and shared at mass scale.

Automated flexible grouping

Real time re-grouping by need that streamlines instructional facilitation planning & time management.

Streamlined scoring workflow

Automated evidence workflows, feedback and notifications in one single integrated approach for teacher efficiency .

Pacing metrics

...become the key measure for how a student is doing.

Robust OER engine access and design rich personalized learning experiences.

Virtual learning environment

... that is open 24/7/365 within a collaborative and social environment for rich support.

Powerful student interface

...putting the student in control of their workspace (curriculum, expectations, progress monitoring, goal setting, collaboration and workflow management).

Competency integration

Needs based academic and nonacademic competency integration in the learning experience design.

Integrated social media

...and technological tools that simplify the transition from analog to digital learning implementation.


Empower Learning has been providing personalized competency solutions longer than any Learning Management System on the market.


Empower is the first and most powerful competency-based learning management system on the market.

The friendly user interface weaves social media through the 21st century learning management features, allowing educators to interact and collaborate with each other and students. All users, including administrators and parents, can know in real time what learning a student or class has achieved and where their needs are.Organized, personalized learning sets students up for success!

Empower 2.0

is head and shoulders above anything else I've seen out there.

Robert Marzano
May 2015

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